Are You Ready To Have An Automated, Customer Centric, Revenue Generating Shuttle Department With Improved CSI
Scores In 30 Days?

ShuttleNomix was designed specifically for car dealership service departments and then built from the ground up. The basis of this design was to solve the three big problems that face all service departments: improve efficiency, improve the customer experience and generate revenue. 

ShuttleNomix effortlessly manages your Shuttle Department while putting customer appreciation and revenue generation a few mouse clicks away...all while giving away free shuttle rides.

Why work with us

  • Eliminate Waste, Lower
    Expenses, Improve Efficiency

Whether your goal is to eliminate paperwork, lower labor costs, prevent your driver from backtracking and wasting gas or decrease your customers' wait times, ShuttleNomix has you covered.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
    and CSI Score

By using ShuttleNomix, your customers are in the middle of the conversation loop between the service advisor and driver. They will automatically receive all the necessary information they need to keep them well informed and complaint free.

  • Never Leave Money On The Table And Generate Revenue

The shuttle department has been a loss leader, whether you have an in-house shuttle department or you have out-sourced it to ride share. With ShuttleNomix you can still give away free shuttle rides and generate revenue!


We'd love to hear about your biggest challenge in managing a shuttle department